Installed Clickheat

Clickheat is a server-side clicktracking-engine for Apache servers. It tracks where visitors click on a page, even if there’s no link at that location.
Why do this even if you’ve already installed Google Analytics (and then use the overview)? First off, Analytics doesn’t really track clicks on specific links but instead shows the number of clicks for the URL. So if you’ve got the link on the page on multiple places (in the title + in the content + in the footer) Google adds all the clicks for that link and then shows the total. Hardly usefull..

In comes Clickheat to track all individual clicks, even if there’s no link, by tracking on-clicks on the page with their specific x/y locations, building a map of clicks. Although this isn’t the same as an eye-tracking system it comes really close.

Can you have fun with this? Sure, just click according to images on a page to give the webmaster something to look at while wrangling the stats. Anyone up for Goatse?


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