Last night finally created my Twitter-account ( Now I’m a big fan of scrobble-ing my played music in Mediamonkey, and also just got the lyrics-addon working correctly, but there isn’t a Twitter-widget that lets me do the same updating.

I’ve found a link about how to do this through Perl in WindowsXP but it might be lacking a bit of extra info for the not so technical. So in the spirit of good will to all I’ve made a step-by-step tutorial how to do this.

Step 1: Go to this site and copy the code shown there. Paste this in a new textfile, I use Notepad++ ’cause it also highlights the syntax of the code, and change the variables where it says “YOUR TWITTER USERNAME/PASSWORD/LASTFM USER ID HERE” to your own accounts. Save this file on the Desktop as Since I’ve saved mine in My Documents you see a slightly different path in the screenshots.

Step 2: Download Perl. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you get two files to choose from: the x86- and the x64-version. The first x86-version is for Intel CPUs 32-bit Operating Systems (most XP or Vista versions) and the x64 is for AMD CPUs 64-bit versions. Just start the install from the file and if you’ve downloaded the wrong version the installer will tell you so now.

Step 3: After installation just start the Perl Package Manager to check if you’re updated to the latest packages.

Step 4: Open a command-box (Go to Startmenu>Run>Enter CMD and press enter), paste the command “perl” and hit enter.

Perl Twitter

Step 5: Refresh your Twitter-page and check if it’s showing your scrobbles. There is some lag between what you’re listening to right now and what it shows on the page.

At the moment it puts out: “Listening to” and then the artist and the title. The code however states “Listening to $title” so somewhere the artist also gets inserted in the variable and makes adding extra info a bit wonky. At first I thought to do this the same way as in the Skype but now it seems I’ll have to search further.

Step 6: By the time you’ve filled the whole page with music and made all your followers leave in disgust, enter Control-C in de command-box to stop the script.

This will probably work better when the script only checks the “Last loved” list since that one changes/updates less often and makes it safe to still listen to Kylie Minogue (not that I do but….).

This workaround might also work to sync a Google Calendar account to Twitter for automatic tweets for the ultra lazy.

You can tweet your Last Loved-tracks through LastFMLoveTweet (thanks John for the link). But the site appears to have some troubles with their uptime according to their Twitter-page. I’ll check the code to see if this can be done through a local LAMP-server or directly from Mediamonkey.

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