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Zomaar wat info over Avatar, Darth Vader, Spore, nutteloze polls (maar met leuke suggesties), The Sarah Connor Chronicles en Portal.

Avatar – The Last Airbender

Op http://www.avatarfan.nl/home.htm kwam ik wat nieuwe info tegen:
Episode 54 – The boiling Rocks is expected to air 15th of feb 2008
Episode 55 is pt2 ervan
Episode 56 heeft als naam The Southern Raiders
‘Tis wel een vage site met veel ads maar wel de eerste met die info.

Star Wars – Darth Vader
Op http://www.geekologie.com/2008/02/take_a_peek_inside_darth_vader.php staan coole pica’s van Darth Vader’s helm tot en met de binnenkant aan toe.


Creative Commons License photo credit: The Seg
Platforms: PC, Nintendo DS, Mobile, Mac
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: sept 7th 2008
You start off small, designing a single cell and guiding it through the cesspool in which all life must begin. As time passes you use evolution as the tool by which you will shape the destiny of your creature for better or worse. A mouth here, a leg there, and a twist to the torso – you slowly create the creature you want. You can do that. You are God.

Teveel bla-bla en weinig info over het spel zelf? Will Wright (ontwikkelaar van het spel) had een presentatie gedaan bij TED Talk (let maar niet op z’n arm): http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/146

Creative Commons License photo credit: gamerscoreblog
Skip naar drie minuten into the presentation voor echte game-footage.

Verdere sites:

Senseless Polls
Nvm the actual poll, verderop in de thread komen de betere suggesties (Buffy & the Buffy-bot!).

Sarah Connor

Creative Commons License photo credit: hanskainz
I miss the original.
http://io9.com/355345/summer-glau-unscrews-your-head-on-sarah-connor (LoveBot9000?)
*It wouldn’t be my head I’d want Sarah Conner to unscrew ;-)
*”I would happily watch a show that was just Summer’s Terminator navigating high-school angst.”
o god you’re one of them
*”Am I the only person horrified by the casting of Brian Austen Green as Kyle Reese’s brother? Will there be an episode where he raps about Judgment Day? Maybe they’ll have a very special episode about teen pregnancy. I hated 90210 when it came out and I’m so disappointed to see one of its talentless cast pop up in an otherwise enjoyable show.”

Still Alive door Mario Composer

Same door een 8080

Excellent Nerd/machinima video, kijken!

“What a strange game: the only winning move is not to play.”
“This would never happen at black mesa!”
See you in hell cube.”

Zombies vs Turrets

Glados defeated by a turret

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