Soundcloud embed test

Just a quick post to try Soundcloud’s embed option.

Polka Glocks – polka-glocks-supreme-cream-fat-lady-no-blade-007

Polka Glocks & Sharkara – The Release

Polka Glocks – Give up the ghost

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SayTweet embed

Output after the break

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Twitter-test X

Nifty script for a Twitter widget-test:

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Installed Clickheat

Clickheat is a server-side clicktracking-engine for Apache servers. It tracks where visitors click on a page, even if there’s no link at that location.
Why do this even if you’ve already installed Google Analytics (and then use the overview)? First off, Analytics doesn’t really track clicks on specific links but instead shows the number of clicks for the URL. So if you’ve got the link on the page on multiple places (in the title + in the content + in the footer) Google adds all the clicks for that link and then shows the total. Hardly usefull..
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Virals jumping on the inauguration bandwagon are plenty abound. This one I really like:

Alainn - Obamiconed

After the jump some other examples.

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Last night finally created my Twitter-account ( Now I’m a big fan of scrobble-ing my played music in Mediamonkey, and also just got the lyrics-addon working correctly, but there isn’t a Twitter-widget that lets me do the same updating.

I’ve found a link about how to do this through Perl in WindowsXP but it might be lacking a bit of extra info for the not so technical. So in the spirit of good will to all I’ve made a step-by-step tutorial how to do this.
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Dexter – Season 3

<div class=\"postavatar\">dexter-season-3</div>

Het is zomer dus komkommertijd voor tv-eps volgen. Gelukkig zijn er nu wel al de previews waaronder die van Dexter. Nee, niet dat cartoon-ventje van Nickleodeon maar die van Showtime. Tagline voor alle duidelijkheid is: “Dexter – a serialkiller serialkiller”. Eind september begint season 3 en Showtime heeft de content van de site alvast geupdate: wallpapers, widgets en een video-preview.
Er schijnt naast dit alles ook een game uit te komen, rumoured in eerste instantie voor de Wii of all places, maar zou nu weer exclusief uitkomen op de iPhone. Opvallend is dat beide een motion sensing hebben, zou daar slice-n-dice een onderdeel van zijn?


Na de jump de links en goodies.
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Vandaag m’n MCSE…. Eeeek! Google Certificate gewonnen/behaalt. The Suxorz.

widget test 1

testje met de widget Sproutbuilder functionaliteit….
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Jonathan Coulton’s song “Still Alive” on Rock Band

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